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St Joseph’s & St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's & St Gregory's
Catholic Primary School

Pelicans, Puffins and Penguins were very lucky to have Ark Farm come into school last week as a part of our learning about The Little Red Hen.  The children were very excited to see the farm arrive and talked about what they thought would be there.  When the children went to visit the farm the ladies talked about how to carefully touch the animals, how to care for them and the importance of washing their hands when they had finished.  The children loved touching the animals and listening to the noises they made.  They found it very funny when a chicken ran all around the outside area.  These are some of the things the children said.  ‘the dogs are very soft’  ‘the chickens feathers are very fluffy’  ‘The goats have horns and they are very hard and tough’  ‘The donkey is dusty’  ‘if we make a noise it will scare the animals, and we don’t want to do that’  Even children who felt a bit worried or scared of the animals managed to have a little stroke.