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St Joseph’s & St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's & St Gregory's
Catholic Primary School

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  • A reminder that OLICAT Wellbeing have produced some helpful wellbeing resources #olicatcommunity #wellbeingwednesday

  • The Bedford Borough library van visited the upper primary site this morning and eager children were able to browse the shelves in small groups. 17 children with library cards were issued books to read. This is such a great service! Thank you #olicatcommunity @BedsLibraries

  • What a beautiful morning we have on the school site today. Blue sky, sunshine and the birds are singing! Have a great day! #olicatcommunity

  • Worry is a leash, a weight and a liar. The new video out today explores why we worry and how we can begin to reframe our thoughts. #OLICATcommunity #wellbeingwednesday

  • t's Wellbeing Wednesday and today, Nathan Wells looks at good sound health. Take a listen: #olicatcommunity

  • This morning in Year 5's English lesson they visited India in the classroom. They all had the chance to try some Indian food, smell the wonderful spices and hear the amazing sounds of India. They used their experience to gather information for their fact files about India.

  • Congratulations to the children that have achieved 100% attendance so far since September 2021. They were awarded a bronze wrist band during assembly yesterday. Children that have achieved 98% were awarded a purple wrist band. #OLICATcommunity

  • The children are getting in the festive spirit! It was Christmas jumper day yesterday with a lovely Christmas lunch served up from our fabulous staff yesterday. #OLICATcommunity

  • It's Wellbeing Wednesday and another wellbeing short from the Trust. Laughter is the best medicine. #OLICATcommunity

  • The choir were accompanied by a skilled Year 5 pianist at the Christmas Tree Festival at St Paul's church in Bedford on Friday. Learning the keyboard is offered in the music curriculum during Year 4. #OLICATcommunity

  • Children from St Joseph's and St Gregory's choir sang beautifully at the Christmas Tree Festival at St Paul's church in Bedford on Friday. #OLICATcommunity

  • Children from St Joseph's and St Gregory's choir sang and played the piano beautifully at the Christmas Tree festival at St Paul's church in Bedford on Friday. #OLICATcommunity

  • Read about a free event for the family on Sunday 12th December at Mowsbury Park from 10am-12pm #OLICATcommunity

  • Autumn vibes from Year 5! #olicatcommunity

  • Efficient multitasking is a myth. Find out why we should all be monotasking more, enabling us to limit our input in this golden age of sensory overload. New video out today. #OLICATcommunity #WellbeingWednesday

  • The view from Year 3 earlier today.....good morning! #olicatcommunity

  • Cleaning up before leaving the Youth Hostel. #olicatcommunity

  • Making friendship bracelets #olicatcommunity

  • A sweet friendship refreshes the soul Year 6 Residential to Sheringham, Norfolk #antibullyingweek2021 #OLICATcommunity #friendship

  • Time for a spot of lunch on the Year 6 residential in Sheringham! #olicatcommunity