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St Joseph’s & St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's & St Gregory's
Catholic Primary School

Widdershins Puppet Theatre

Andy from Widdershins Puppet Theatre came to visit the Puffins and Penguins on Thursday 14th March to perform The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  It was amazing.  First he performed the story using his puppets.  He made them all himself!  During the performance there was music and Andy pretended to be the troll!  It was very funny.


After the performance, the Penguins went back to the classroom and the Puffins stayed to learn how to use puppets.  We made them wave, yawn, search, touch different parts of its head and made our puppet put its hand behind its ear because it couldn't hear.  Then the Puffins went back to the classroom and the Penguins learned how to perform with the puppets.

In the afternoon, we all made puppets to take home using special materials.  We used a potato for our puppet's head, a piece of garlic for its nose, some googly eyes and some material for its clothes.  We had a lot of fun and it was really good to take a puppet home.