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St Joseph’s & St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's & St Gregory's
Catholic Primary School

Invitation to join this Friday's prayer chain


You are invited to join our first Friday of the month prayer chain. It provides a monthly opportunity for us to pray for each other as children, parents and staff of our OLICAT Trust schools' community.


The tradition of praying in a special way on the First Friday of the month is long-established in the Catholic community. It is believed to have been given by God to a French nun, and now saint, called Margaret Mary Alacoque.


Our OLICAT Trust prayer chain will last 12 hours from 6am – 6pm. Everyone in the Trust community and beyond will be prayed for. This month, our Head Teacher, Lisa Sumpter, will lead one of the hours. Mrs Harbron-Applegarth, from the Year 5 team, will also lead an hour.


Please do join the initiative for any length of time, at any point during the 12 hours, on Twitter:  Feel free to pray in the way that reflects your journey of faith. Thank you and God bless you.