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St Joseph’s & St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's & St Gregory's
Catholic Primary School

Have a Great Summer!

Dear Parents and children


It is finally, nearly time to return to school for the start of the Autumn Term. I am so looking forward to you all coming to school on Tuesday 8th September.

We have made some changes to how we do things in school since the last time some of you were here, this can be found on our Policies page - InfectionControl Policy. Of course, when you arrive in school on the first day, your teachers and all our staff will help you and your families to understand any changes and feel comfortable and safe in your classrooms and around the school.


Breakfast Club will be available from 8.00am on Tuesday 8th September on both sites. Children must attend the Breakfast Club on the site where their class is located. Access to Breakfast Club will close at 8.25am, and children will go to their classes from Breakfast Club at 8.30am. Please pay online if possible.


Children should arrive at school between 8.30am and 8.45am. Please drop them off at their year group door and assist them with hand-washing prior to entering the building. Staff will be on duty to direct you to the correct area on both the Upper and Lower Primary site. Children in Years 5 and 6 may arrive on site unaccompanied - please encourage them to socially distance on their way to and from school.


Only one adult should accompany their child to school to reduce congestion on our site, and should follow social distancing advice.


The School Office will not be open until 12.00pm on Tuesday 8th September to enable staff to be involved in directing parents and children to their classrooms. Please telephone or email the school with any urgent information you wish to pass on.


School lunch will be provided for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Please do not send your child to school with anything other than a PE kit to reduce transfer of virus - this is a COVID-19 restriction.


School lunches will be available for children receiving Free School Meals and those children whose parents have booked and paid for their lunch online. Details are available on the school website or through the school office.


Please pick up your child from their designated classroom doors at 3.15pm. Staff will be available at the end of the day to advise you where to go. Please encourage your child to wash their hands thoroughly when they return home from school. We will have regular hand-washing throughout the school day. We will mostly be using soap and water and drying hands with paper towels.


After School Club will be available from 3.15pm to 6.00pm on Tuesday 8th September. If demand is high, places will need to be booked online. Please use this facility if you are able.


Sports Clubs will resume shortly. Please look out for information about these from 21st September onwards.


Children should wear full school uniform when they return to school. Details are available on the school website for ordering online and of a shop in Bedford who supply our uniform directly. Children may wear Summer uniform, if you wish, until Autumn Half Term. PE kits should be left in school. Swimming will resume from Monday 14th September. You will be notified by your class teacher which day your child will need their swimming costume and towel.


Please read our Infection Control Policy, which will give you further details about the measures we have put in place in school to make it as safe as possible. Our School Risk Assessment, ratified by our Directors, is also available on our website should you wish further details.


A parent survey will be sent to you shortly after the start of term to help us to gain some feedback from you about the measures in place. If you have questions or suggestions you would like to share earlier than this, please email the school or telephone asking for a member of the senior team to contact you.


I look forward to welcoming everyone back next week.


Stay Safe

Lisa Sumpter