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St Joseph’s & St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's & St Gregory's
Catholic Primary School

Reading Books for your Child/ Children

 Thank you for your support of your child’s reading progress.  

This year, we are providing every child with two reading books at one time. One book will be kept and read in school. The second book will be taken home and kept there until it is finished. 

It is vitally important that your child reads at home daily please. Pupils in Years 3 – 6 should be reading at home for at least 15 – 20 mins daily. Children in Years 1 and 2 should read for 10 – 15 mins daily. Pupils in Early Years and the Nursery should be read to by an adult for 5 – 10 mins daily please. The length of reading time can be longer in response to your child’s interests. 

Once your child has finished the book that they are reading at home, it needs to be put in the ‘Returns Bin’ which can be found in front of the entrance to each site. Books that are brought in from home must not be brought into school please. This is in support of our School Infection Control Policy. 

We look forward to hearing about the stories that your children have been reading.