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St Joseph’s & St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's & St Gregory's
Catholic Primary School

Our Mission and Virtues

Our Mission

EXCELLENCE TOGETHER: We strive to work, as a Catholic community, to secure outstanding outcomes for all our students.

UNIQUENESS: We recognise everyone in our school as being made in God's image. By learning in a community founded on Gospel values, we ensure that our children are prepared for their lives ahead.

EDUCATION FOR ALL: We ensure that our children and staff, of all abilities and backgrounds, are supported to achieve their very best.


Our Virtues

As a school, we want our children to become well-rounded individuals. In order to support with this, we are exposing our children to virtue led learning, which we hope will guide our children through their schooling and beyond.

The following virtues have been chosen to focus on across the academic year:

Autumn Virtues  Spring Virtues Summer Virtues
Respect Faith  Resilience 
Thankfulness Simplicity  Kindness
Hope Love/Charity Honesty 
Patience Forgiveness  Service