St Joseph's and St Gregory's Primary School & Nursery

St Joseph's and St Gregory's Primary School & Nursery

Religious Education Vision Statement

At St Joseph’s and St Gregory’s we understand the importance of being a learning community that lives its life in accordance to the teachings of Christ. Our learning is rooted in a journey of faith and spirituality. We allow the children to have a rich and deep understanding of God through all activities in which they participate.

Through regular prayer, collective worship, liturgies and masses, St Joseph’s and St Gregory’s pupils can embrace and develop an ever deepening knowledge of the themes from the liturgical year.

Our religious curriculum reflects the Catholic ethos of our school. The organisation of our curriculum allows us to revisit and deepen this knowledge each year. We believe RE teaching gives the opportunity for children to truly express who they are, thus we enable children to demonstrate their creativity and autonomy through the teaching of this subject. The Rosenshine Principles of Instruction allow us to offer children new learning concepts in small manageable chunks, with opportunity to question, challenge and scaffold as is required.

Please see the below document for the Religious Education progressional curriculum.