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St Joseph’s & St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's & St Gregory's
Catholic Primary School

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  • This week, Year 6 watched the Easter story come alive at St. John's and St. Leonard's Church. At the end, they met the characters and asked some thought-provoking questions. #olicatcommunity

  • @SJSGPrimary have an exciting vacancy which has just been posted on @mynewterm! They're looking for a SENDCo, if this is of interest and for more information please check it out @OlicatSchools #OLICATcommunity

  • To celebrate #internationalwomensday today, the children in Seabirds had a visit from Naomi and her team at Beds Fire and Rescue. International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. #OLICATcommunity

  • Today is International Women's Day and Holi. The Polar Bears have been very busy learning about #holi and have created some colourful self portraits. Also, we have been learning about Aretha Franklin to celebrate #internationalwomensday. #OLICATcommunity

  • Here's one of the arty activities going on in year 6 today for #WorldBookDay #olicatcommunity

  • We are celebrating World Book Day today at SJSG and the staff and children are enjoying a whole feast of fun activities. Here are a few of the brilliant characters here in school this morning! #worldbookday2023 #OLICATcommunity

  • Our brains normalise the extraordinary and call it routine. We often come up for breath having missed the magic around us. Taking a moment to see the extraordinary is a tonic for our apathy and lethargy. #OLICATcommunity #WellbeingWednesday

  • FIRST FRIDAY PRAYER CHAIN Each First Friday every hour between 6am to 6pm a member of our OLICAT Schools community will pray. After each hour we pass the prayer baton on! You can follow the chain in real time on @OLICATChaplains #olicatcommunity

  • Children at SJSG have taken part in the NSPCC Number Day 2023 Dress up for Digits and had a fun-filled day of maths activities and games, while raising money for their services such as Speak out Stay safe and Childline. #olicatcommunity #olicatschools

  • On Candlemas Day, February 2, followers of Jesus celebrate his Presentation at the Temple and the Virgin Mary being purified, with many of the faithful bringing candles to their churches to be blessed. #olicatcommunity #olicatschools

  • It's #wellbeingwednesday ....

  • Click on the link for further information about the Bedford Creative Arts mural painting workshops in Queen's Park. #olicatcommunity #olicatschools

  • It's National Compliment Day. Have you complimented anyone today? #kindness #OLICATcommunity

  • The SJSG School Council met with the Mayor of Bedford today to discuss some of the projects that the children want to work on. We had a great discussion. Thank you to Mayor Dave and to Alek Bogacki for a great meeting. #OLICATcommunity @DaveTheMayor

  • Over the last two days every child in Key Stage Two planted a tree, as part of the Government's Trees for Climate Project. Over 500 trees are now waiting to grow into a beautiful woodland. We cannot wait to see the trees bloom! #olicatcommunity

  • We were fortunate to have the author, Stacey Gittens of 'Daniel Dinosaur's Dilemmas' visit us recently to read to the children in their class groups. The story is about a friendly Tyrannosaurus rex who tries to hide his dinosaur traits to make friends

  • We are all well & now in the church hall. It is raining here! We will go out later for our fish & chips. We had a great day yesterday and the weather was mainly kind. #olicatcommunity

  • Off on our walk – climbing Beeston Bump! #olicatcommunity

  • The children are currently enjoying a stroll along the beach front, and all look amazing in their school hats!

  • We've arrived, unpacked the coach, and demolished our lunch! We're now all set to go for a walk to the beach. It's raining a little bit, but everyone is very happy #olicatcommunity