St Joseph's and St Gregory's Primary School & Nursery

St Joseph's and St Gregory's Primary School & Nursery

What Does a Child & Family Support Worker Do?

A Family Support Worker is able to offer support, advice and guidance to parents/carers

This is a school based service that provides free support with such things as:

  • Parenting concerns
  • Behaviour management
  • School attendance
  • School transition
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Confidence building
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Accessing local services
  • School holiday activities
  • Early intervention work
  • Meeting with other agencies

What Does Support Look Like?

Family Support Workers give support to children and their families in many different ways:


  • One to one work with parents/ carers including talking, listening and supporting.
  • Finding practical strategies with parents/ carers and children to improve learning, behaviour and relationships.
  • Referring and signposting to local services.
  • Referring and working with our Attendance Officer, SENDCO, School Nurse and Early Help Link Worker when needed.
  • Drop-in coffee sessions 
  • Advocacy - speaking on your behalf.

Why Might You Need to Contact the Family Support Worker?

As Parents/ Carers a new challenge or question may arise every day and you may wonder what the answer or solution is.

"My child's behaviour is getting out of control"

"Since my partner left things haven't been the same"

"My mental health is impacting my children, how can school support?"

"I would just like someone to share my concerns with"

Parenting is not an easy job and sometimes things can get tough. The Family Support Worker is here to help and point you in the right direction.

Family Support Worker

Razia Fatima

Family Support Worker

Available Monday to Thursday

Works across both Lower and Upper Primary site

Tel: 01234 352062

Email: tbc

Feedback from a parent supported by Family Support Worker. Below is an account of how a parent subjected to domestic violence was empowered to make significant life changes that have had a positive impact on her and her children.

“I feel I can really trust you and be honest with you, you just made me feel like that from the day you started working with me, you’ve really helped me change and made my life better, for real, if you didn’t give me that day when I we had a meeting…. I saw your eyes, you looked at me and I felt you understood what I need, I knew in that moment you were going to help me. It was the first time I had shared anything with anyone about my problems and you helped me through it all.  

 Almost this time last year, I felt like a nobody, a Robot… someone that was always told what to say and how to feel. You helped me recognise that I needed help and helped me throughout my journey to this day. I only had a few minutes away from my ex-partner when you asked him to give us a few minutes but I was able to tell you enough... you got help for me straight away, I felt much better straight away, I felt it was the last time I was going to feel hurt or abused, you gave me that feeling…

you stayed with me when other professionals got involved, you helped me understand what they were saying, you helped me with housing and finance and most of all my mental health, I felt I was going crazy and thought they would take me or the children away, but you explained that I needed help to feel stronger and be an even better mum to my children and today  I can say I am a confident single healthy mum to them.  

This person has a good life now, even as a single mum I can say I am happy and free. My life is perfect, I can say that for sure as I have a happy family and we are safe, that’s everything for me.  

Nobody has ever supported me in the way you and the school have helped me and my children, for example you said you will help me with healthy choices and you did, my children loved that, and the cake, I will never forget that... 

 I feel like you are my friend, it’s about being human and someone who has a heart, someone who understands you, and that is you  

Iv e started taking the boys to church, you’ve helped me to realize that I can have faith and support through religion.  

The biggest difference in my boys is happiness, they have a smile on their face, I'm happy to be alive to see them smiling. 

Attendance and punctuality was an issue before, especially Mrs English helped me with this, always supporting me and talking to my children. The boys are getting into school on time and enjoy coming. This is great for me as I don't need to struggle with this, only sometimes but they know now they have to come to school and they’re okay.

My eldest child is different at home now, I had issues with the tablet and TV, that has changed 100 percent, you helped me to manage that and how to parent, he is better at sharing, before they used to fight a lot but they have a better relationship with each other and even in school he is taking part in extra activities and attends basketball which he wouldn’t have done before 

I would never have said I was in an abusive relationship, there’s too many definitions, but by attending some courses I realised that I had accepted abuse for a long time, I didn’t even see it as abuse, that one slap... Those horrible words... not giving me any money… 

 If somebody came to me to say they were in an abusive relationship I would say get help, speak to the school, they can and will help you in every way, they helped me find myself and I am grateful every day.”